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Welcome to my website. 

I studied commercial art, design and photography way back in the late 70's. After many years as a graphic designer working for many well known, and not so well known brands, I decided to concentrate on photography. Coming from a design background I've always had a camera close to hand, integrating my design and photography skills to produce brochures, catalogues and advertising projects for my clients. 

Over the years I've used pretty well every type of camera available, from amazing plate cameras, 35mm, twin-lens reflex and medium format systems trying most mainstream manufacturers. Making the leap in 2004 from Canon to Nikon with my first 'digital' camera the D70 (which I still have) opened my eyes to the future of digital. Ever since, Nikon has always been my first choice digital set-up, progressing from a D200, D300 to the amazing D3x. Despite the relentless drive towards mirrorless  systems, I still rely on my D810 and D850 camera bodies to get the job done. To me the blend of technology and creativity means that photography never stands still, it's always evolving, pushing you to continually learn new skills.

Nowadays I enjoy combining my photography with travelling, and look forward to having the opportunity to capture new images in new places.


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