Terry Mathews - Terry Mathews Photography

Welcome to my website. 

I studied commercial art, design and photography way back in the late 70's. After many years as a graphic designer working for many well known, and not so well known brands, I decided to concentrate on photography. Coming from a design background I've always had a camera close to hand, integrating my design and photography skills to produce brochures, catalogues and advertising projects for my clients. 

Photography gives me the opportunity to challenge myself to continually improve. I love the blend of technology and creativity, photography never stands still, it's always evolving...it's intoxicating (anyone with a passion for photography will know where I'm coming from!).

I have always tried hard not to specialise in any one 'genre' of photography as I enjoy the challenge of producing a varied portfolio. I love the fact that I can be up at 4am to capture a sunrise, hanging off a high rise building or working against the clock to photograph a CEO before he or she rushes off to the next appointment. It's always fun!

Although, as anyone who knows me will testify.....I draw the line at weddings!


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