Photographer in the mist

LEARNING, DEVELOPING & IMPROVING.......a helping hand!

Terry is experienced as a  professional photography tutor, having run both intensive weekly  classes in an educational setting, and delivering tuition to smaller groups of up to eight students on location. Each session, whether single 1-2-1 or a class of 20, is structured to achieve results.

Everyone is on a different 'photography' journey, with some participants lacking the confidence to make the most of today's digital marvels, whilst others are keen to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Learning at your own pace is key, developing an understanding of your camera and equipment is a given, how you use that knowledge to achieve consistent results is the learning outcome that we all strive for.

Even the seasoned professional photographer can feel overwhelmed by the pace of ever changing hardware and software - but the basic principals of photography remain the same.

If you never move your camera settings off AUTO, or want to improve your composition, technique or workflow, Terry could help you to expand your knowledge and develop your skill set....get in touch!

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